“You know that feeling of being in love?
When even if you sleep for two hours the night before you are filled with energy and enthusiasm and you could accomplish anything. You feel like the world is a fabulous place and that you want to give it your best, the future is filled with hope and opportunity.”


My name is Annalisa Ferrari, I am a therapist and coach and hope you can all feel like you are falling in love every day.


I was lucky enough to embark on my first counselling experience as a teenager in school and again multiple times throughout my life to support me in problem solving, taking personal responsibility for my actions, connecting with self, others and gaining life long lasting tools to support me through difficult and joyful life events.

I feel so strongly about this practice that along with school, tennis the doctor and the dentist my own children also attend counselling with their profetionals of choice when needed.


Mental health is a practice and habit I hope to pass on to my children. I am Florentine by birth and after university in the USA and a 14-year stint in Australia, I returned to Florence in 2020. I currently work in private practice with international students and adults form every walk of life. I spend the rest of my time executive coaching and lecturing for Italian and international clients and their teams. My clients include  Burberry, Banche di Credito Cooperativo Toscana e Umbria (Italian Banks), Misericordia Toscana to mention a few.  I coach ,offer therapy and lecture both in English and Italian depending on my clients needs. I pair the principles of my MA in psychotherapy and Counselling earned in Sydney, with my specialization in Team coaching from the California College of Executive Coaching. I am a certified member of the International ACA (Australian Counselling Association) and the ICF (International Coach Federation). I am inspired by Brene Brown, Adam Grant and Peter Hawkings as well as psychotherapists Carl Rogers and Irvin D. Yallom to mention a few..
I am a mother of two great humans who think I am “kind of okay” and am an adoptive mother our dog Aussie who thinks I am absolutely fabulous.
I am a dedicated runner, and all things physical. I travel when possible, I love food and opened a team building cooking school and bakery while in Sydney and for ten years before Covid  I  brought my clients from Australia and the USA back  with me to  Florence -so fun!
Now I am based in Florence near the St. Ambrogio market. I am a firm believer that my life is what I choose to focus on and most times I choose well. The rest of the time I take myself back to therapy and to coaching. I believe taking care of my mental health is my responsibility, a great habit and the root to my wellbeing.